Thursday, June 07, 2007

new Darfur projects

(Photo by Maura Lanahan - Courtesy of IFC)

Actor Don Cheadle, who has written with John Prendergast the book Not On Our Watch, will be the guest on IFC's The Henry Rollins Show this Friday, June 8th, at 11 pm EDT. Cheadle will be talking about how he came to be involved in Darfur and what he's doing to fight the genocide there. He'll also be talking about his book which details not only his and Prendergast's involvement in Darfur, but also the involvement of others and how each of us can take action. Cheadle is also a partner in the group, Not On Our Watch, which is working to raise awareness of the situation in Darfur and to raise funds for International Rescue Committee for its work there.

On June 6th, Amnesty International launched Eyes on Darfur which contains satellite imagery of Darfur. Now each of us can be a witness to the horrors and devastation in Darfur through Eyes on Darfur's satellite images, first-hand accounts and videos. Don't wait for mainstream media to pick up a story on the genocide in Darfur--SEE FOR YOURSELF what's happening there RIGHT NOW.

And on June 12th, Warner Brothers will release a 2-disc CD, Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur featuring the music of John Lennon. Proceeds will benefit Amnesty International and the fight to stop the genocide in Darfur. The rights to Lennon's songs were donated by Yoko Ono who is donating publishing rights. Listen to some of the tracks and pre-order it at MTV's The Leak here. If you're on MySpace, you can add this project as a friend here. And Amnesty International lists some other ways you can get involved here.

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