Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Darfur Peace and Development Organization

While searching today for information about what people in my city (Pasadena, CA) are doing to help people in Darfur, I found this story about a local high school student raising money for Darfur Peace and Development Organization (DPDO). Here's the beginning of the DPDO mission statement:

The mission of Darfur Peace and Development Organization, which is a 501 (c ) 3 nonprofit and nonsectarian organization, is to restore reconciliation where conflict exists in the Darfur region of Sudan through humanitarian aid and services to the needy people in the Darfur region, without regard to race, religion, sex or national origin. DPDO is an international organization of persons committed to working with indigenous people in Darfur to overcome hunger and poverty through integrated self-development and relief programs and where possible to encourage conflict resolutions as the preferred method rather than resorting to violence and terror. (link)

Check out some of their projects, especially the Schools Sponsorship project, which helps students "[play] a vital and pivotal role in rejecting the notion of passivity and inaction, responding to the desperate calls from children around the globe in Darfur to actively participate in building a better life for all." (link)

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Blogger gary said...

Darfur is regrettably a symptom of a larger problem, a dysfunctional United Nations Here's the solution:

Unfortunately, partial solutions are no solution at all.


9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great post with great info. I thought that I might add my two cents about a documentary that I recently saw that is mandatory viewing by all.

1:08 AM  
Anonymous bhumika said...

i have visited DPDO's website, one of their members came to a church in my town to talk about Darfur. thanks to them for the great work they are doing

i read a news report saying that Sudan is playing a "cat and mouse" game (in secretary Rice's word) in deploying peace keeping force in Darfur. how will this tragedy continue?

africa desk,the newsroom

10:54 AM  
Blogger Isadora said...

Would like to offer the UN Radio station as a source of news updates: Miraya FM ( as well as the Imagekind photos by Ella Stern on my blog - which were taken in Sudan.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Isadora said...

Gary - the UN as any other organization (and it would/will be the same with the UDN) will have flaws because people are influencable and partial. Africa is largely a TRIBAL people and using the word "government" is very misleading. Have you ever lived in a small village and know how life functions there? it would help you understand. Outside help is not welcome especially not when so much past abuse of power is on record.

10:37 PM  
Blogger MrRed2020 said...

The new documentary Darfur Now is now playing, and will expand to additional cities this Friday, November 16th!
It’s a story of hope in the midst of one of humanity’s darkest hours – a call to action for people everywhere to end the catastrophe unfolding in Darfur, Sudan. In this documentary, the struggles and achievements of six different individuals from inside Darfur and around the world bring to light the tragedy in Sudan and show how the actions of one person can make a difference to millions. For more info, visit:

11:14 AM  
Blogger remorji said...

Blacks blog about Darfur because of the Chinese are there. They forget about the genocide that is happening in the Congo were america is turning a blind eye

12:49 AM  

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