Friday, November 24, 2006

The crisis worsens...

On November 22nd CNN ran a story about the U.N.'s top humanitarian official, Jan Egeland's, recent report on the genocide crisis in Darfur:

"The next weeks may be make or break for our lifeline to more than 3 million people," Egeland said in the Reuters report. "This period may well be the last opportunity for this Council, the government of Sudan, the African Union, the rebels, and all of us to avert a humanitarian disaster of much larger proportions than even the one we so far have witnessed in Darfur."

THREE MILLION PEOPLE. In the U.S., we can feel deeply moved by the story of a tragedy that touches a single life. Imagine the horror we'd feel if we were suddenly faced with a situation where THREE MILLION of our citizens' lives were in danger.

Bloggers for Darfur seeks no financial support--all we ask is that you TAKE ONE SMALL ACTION to let our government know we must not stand idly by while the crisis in Darfur worsens, putting millions of lives at risk.

What can you do? If you're a blogger, we hope you'll add your voice to Bloggers for Darfur. See the April 20th post below--please add your blog link in the comments on that post, add yourself to our Frappr map, and add our candle logo badge to your blog's sidebar.

You can go to the Save Darfur site and take the recommended actions there, including sending on online postcard to President Bush, emailing family and friends to let them know about this situation, writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, and joining your local Save Darfur group. In this time of holiday gift-giving, won't you please take just ONE FREE ACTION to do your part to try to save lives in Darfur?

Maybe you think saving lives in Darfur doesn't align with your political beliefs. This is not a partisan crisis--it's a humanitarian one. Last month, 24 Christian evangelical leaders joined together to create Evangelicals for Darfur. Note that they've scheduled a worldwide weekend of prayer and action for Darfur on Sunday, December 10th. If you're of this faith, I urge you to encourage your church to be involved on December 10th.

For further information and ideas on how you can help, please check out the links in the sidebar of my Darfur - Call to Action blog.

Jeneane Sessum wrote at BlogHer about Save Darfur's PSA that ran during yesterday's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The campaign spot can be viewed here:

Please, let's each of us do one thing to help save these lives. Thank you.